ZMOVE is a zero-emissions, short range transport system, delivering goods to multiple sites with speed, security and reliability, while contributing to civic or organisational sustainability targets.

With an employed, trained rider team and a fleet of electric cargo bikes, initially serving Newcastle and Gateshead, we can move loads of up to 200kg quickly through the city streets. The bikes use a variety of routes and river crossings unavailable to cars and vans and are often able to pick up and drop off goods right at the door, keeping speed high and costs low.

Our compact delivery vehicles also maintain the clean air and road space essential for community health in the face of Covid-19. These multiple benefits are recognised by our broad range of customers, including Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

 Our daily work for the Trust connects city centre service centres. The multiple benefits of this ongoing work are published by the Trust in this NHS England case study.

“No hesitation in extending our partnership following a successful trial and zero emissions alongside superb service” David Malone, Transport Manager, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust