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ZMOVE is a zero-emissions, short range transport system, delivering goods to multiple sites with speed, security and reliability, while contributing to civic or organisational sustainability targets.

With an employed, trained rider team and a fleet of electric cargo bikes, initially serving Newcastle and Gateshead, we can move loads of up to 200kg quickly through the city streets. The bikes can use a variety of routes and river crossings unavailable to cars and vans and are often able to pick up and drop off goods right at the door, keeping speed high and costs low.

We are building collaborations and partnerships to maximise local sustainability of goods movement, including fast, easy passage of goods in and out of the proposed Newcastle Clean Air Zone, exempt from daily charging.

Pink Lane Bakery

Using ZMOVE has had a great impact on the number of van journeys we make. There’s the number of journeys we save directly through ZMOVE delivering for us, but then there’s the knock-on effect of not having to drive to work most days; now I’m using public transport or cycling pretty much every day, so that’s one less diesel vehicle in the city centre.
We’ve cut our van journeys down from about 30 per week to about 8, which is a winner all round. Plus the amount we’re saving on city centre parking goes a long way towards paying for the ZMOVE deliveries in itself!

Neil le Flohic

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