Entries by Nick Mason

Partnership progress

As key customers Cake Stories, the Flower Folk and Local Heroes NE expand their delivery footprint, we’re growing our zero-emissions service to support them. On Friday 12th, four of the team were delivering concurrently across a roughly 300 square mile area, stretching from Washington to Blyth, in a mix of e-bikes and electric cars.

Coastal cruising

We made our first coastal run today, dropping literature at North Tyneside Council offices in Cobalt and then picking up Pure Knead bread in Whitley Bay for the Local Heroes NE virtual market. With new active measures being planning on the coast, we’d be keen to build a weekly coastal run. More to follow!

New delivery zone!

ZMOVE can now deliver further across Newcastle and Gateshead, using a range of zero-emission vehicles to maintain fast, clean, quiet distribution. The map below shows our new 78 square mile zone, including the postcodes covered. Do drop us a line to discuss your business delivery needs further. (nick@zmove.uk, tel 0191 603 1780.)

Coping in a Crisis

Our home delivery collaboration with Cake Stories is showcased in this Dan Prince Photography “Coping in a Crisis” short, with support from Food and Drink North East. Thanks so much to Ben and Hannah, Dan and the FADNE team for their support is sharing our #golocal ethos.

Bringing it home…

After a period of process and practice readjustment in the face of the Covid-19 lock down, the team are undertaking home delivery work around Newcastle and Gateshead, alongside our daily courier service for Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts. Today’s home delivery run for the Flower Folk showcased ZMOVE’s efficient service. 28 floral deliveries packed in […]

Team record!

The rider team set a single day ZMOVE record on Feb 19th, completing 77 business to business deliveries during 60 miles of riding. The main event was a 48 drop project for NewcastleGateshead Initiative, distributing boxed literature to their partners from Gosforth to the Metro Centre. Using our silent service, rather than a combustion-engined light […]

NHS England case study

Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have authored a case study detailing the impact of our three month courier trial in late 2019. We’re delighted to see environmental, financial and social benefits highlighted and available to share across NHS England. https://www.england.nhs.uk/greenernhs/whats-already-happening/zooming-into-a-greener-future-the-case-for-a-zero-emissions-courier-services/

Breakdown blues…

The first week of December saw Bike1 suffer a major drivetrain mechanical and wheel rim failure. Our in-house mechanic Pete and the affected riders worked professionally together to avoid client disappointment, keeping the deliveries flowing. More really useful learning…