ZMOVE -ing Day

Our friends at Recyke y’bike, a charity based in Byker, are in the process of moving from their old location under the arches to their recently acquired premises on Brinkburn Street on the other side of Shields Road.

At ZMOVE, we were keen to help out and get some much needed experience with the new trike, fully loaded. Nick and I went down to help.

Nick Mason Helping out with Recyke y’bike move

Later that morning I spoke to Nick and Sara of Recyke y’bike about the day and what they were doing.

Nick Mason (ZMOVE) and Sara Newson (Recyke y’bike)

Getting ready to work!

With starter team interviews next week, we are busy developing branding, procedures, routing and systems, aiming to go live immediately after Easter. This start up phase is tough but the reaction of so many we meet, like Matt and Will from Newcastle University pictured here, continues to make us believe ZMOVE has a vital place in our beautiful, growing city.