Breakdown blues…

The first week of December saw Bike1 suffer a major drivetrain mechanical and wheel rim failure. Our in-house mechanic Pete and the affected riders worked professionally together to avoid client disappointment, keeping the deliveries flowing. More really useful learning…

Moving house!

New rider Martin enjoyed his first day at ZMOVE, including transporting soft furnishings in a house move…



With our customer portfolio growing, we need to expand the rider team. Come and join us! Details as below.

Adding up!

Rider Harry did 35 miles across Newcastle and Gateshead, completing 46 deliveries as scheduled over 8 hours on an electric trike yesterday – our busiest day since launch. This short-range multi-drop work seems exactly where ZMOVE fits in the distribution ecosystem – a reliable, secure zero-emission service in busy urban settings. It is starting to add up….

Where has your coffee bean?

We deliver epic Pink Lane Coffee to a dozen cafes and pick up coffee grounds for YMCA Newcastle to use a mushroom growing medium. In doing so, we are reducing local coffee transport impacts and helping to reduce waste. However, our zero-emissions journeys equate to <0.1% of the distance coffee beans will have travelled (typically from Africa and South America) in their lifetime. With transport such an enormous source of carbon emissions and atmospheric pollutants, ZMOVE will seek to forge partnerships than enable our customers to receive and ship goods long distance with minimal impacts. Solar rocket anyone?

Zero-emission freight hub!

Mindful of ongoing development of Newcastle’s Clean Air Zone, an new approach to goods distribution in urban centres has been announced by Fulham and Hammersmith Councils. They are partnering with to establish a zero emission freight hub, using e-cargo bikes to make deliveries across the Hammersmith area. This type of low impact delivery hub approach is one of many that our local authorities are considering as they finalise CAZ proposals and we hope it appears in the public consultation new month, giving all the chance to comment.

Taking our medicine!

We brought a trike to the RVI Hospital in Newcastle today, discussing the role zero-emissions courier services can play in Climate Emergency mitigation for the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. New trike security systems were well received and our team learned more about the traceability and reliability thresholds that need to be achieved in the movement of medical sample. Opportunity scoping remains very encouraging!

Heavy loads…

This week has seen us shifting large loads daily, with bumper multi-drop bread runs for Northern Rye and an epic 180kg print drop for Bang On Print. No Newcastle or Gateshead hill has proven beyond the scope of the electric bikes and our rider team. Don’t be shy of testing our mettle…


Now with a team of six experienced riders and two electric cargo bikes, the ZMOVE team is becoming ever more capable and will begin several regular single, multi-drop and courier services for new clients over the next month. Really exciting times! Watch this space for launch news..